Revolutionary Recycled Paper Tiles Inspired by Portuguese Ceramic Artistry

Revolutionary Recycled Paper Tiles Inspired by Portuguese Ceramic Artistry

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Recycled tiles take on diverse and inventive forms, ranging from penny tiles crafted from recycled wine corks to innovative creations using discarded computer monitors and even broken skateboards. A novel addition to this repertoire is the use of recycled paper, as demonstrated by Vancouver-based creative studio, Dear Human. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles, Dear Human recently unveiled a remarkable collection of tiles made from shredded paper pulp, sourced from a local garment factory’s paper pattern waste.



Dear Human's paper tiles serve as three-dimensional wallpaper, forming a captivating series of interlocking hexagons. These tiles are produced by pressing paper pulp into air release dies, mirroring the manufacturing process employed for ceramic tiles. The end result is a substantial 20mm (.787") thick tile that offers the creative freedom to be printed on or painted, tapping into the contemporary trend of graphic wall coverings.



Moreover, these robust tiles possess acoustic absorption properties, making them a potential alternative to conventional acoustic insulation materials. Importantly, they can also be combined with traditional ceramic tiles, generating an appealing hybrid aesthetic that, as the creators put it, "activates entire walls as canvasses."


With so many possibilities for materials to reuse for tiles, it will be interesting to see how far paper could go beyond our walls. In the future, OtaraPack molded pulp packaging will also continue to be integrated into the field of sustainable and innovative design.
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