New Recycled Materials Molded Pulp Introduced to Samsung Galaxy S24

New Recycled Materials Molded Pulp Introduced to Samsung Galaxy S24

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Samsung Galaxy S24, the new flagship product of Samsung Electronics this year, comes in a box lined with a molded pulp tray made of 100% recycled paper.

Samsung Electronics has cleverly designed the pulp molding liner in black, which as a color full of mystery and technology, can well reflect the unique temperament of Samsung Galaxy S24 as a new generation of high-end flagship products. At the same time, black is also easier to integrate with the design language of the phone itself, making the whole package more harmonious and unified.

According to the relevant person in charge of Samsung Electronics, the pulp-molded inner tray can effectively support and fix the phone, preventing it from sliding or colliding during transportation. Secondly, the pulp molding material has good cushioning properties, so it can effectively reduce the damage caused by external impact on the phone.

"When it comes to plastic use, we strive to replace single-use plastics with recycled plastics or other ‘more sustainable’ materials. We have already cut the plastic material in the packaging of the Galaxy series from 51% in 2017 to just 4%. But we are not stopping there!"

This is not the first time that Samsung Electronics has used molded pulp packaging. As early as 2022, Samsung Electronics Galaxy Fold Package tablet and Galaxy Note10,10+ phones have used pulp molded packaging, reflecting Samsung Electronics' commitment to sustainable development.

Samsung is working towards the full elimination of single use plastics from mobile packaging by 2025. Samsung designers are exploring how to replace every component of the box with alternative materials, such as paper, sugarcane and other novel fibers. "This is to not only step away from plastic but to make our packaging recyclable or compostable."
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