Looking for Molded Fiber Board Suppliers?

Looking for Molded Fiber Board Suppliers?


With the increasing concern for environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as the promotion of regulations and standards for environmentally friendly molded pulp packaging by governments and enterprises, the market for environmentally friendly packaging materials has been boosted globally.

ECO packaging consumption data in 2023


Consumers willing to pay more for sustainable packaging


Increase compared to 2022

+4 points

Increase compared to 2021

+8 points

Gen-Z consumers willing to pay more for sustainable packaging


Consumers choosing products based on sustainability credentials in the last six months


Consumers interested in buying products with refillable packaging to reduce environmental impact



Become Molded Pulp Manufacturers


Pulp packaging manufacturers want to emerge in them need to have a variety of conditions to ensure that the production of packaging materials meet environmental standards, quality requirements, and can meet the needs of customers. Here are some key conditions:

  1. Sustainable raw material supply chain: Ensure a stable and reliable supply chain of sustainable raw materials, such as recycled moulded paper pulp, biodegradable materials, etc., to reduce dependence on natural resources.


  1. Environmentally friendly production process: Adopt environmentally friendly production process to reduce energy consumption, waste and emissions. The production process follows best practices for environmental protection and energy conservation.


  1. Compliance with regulations and certifications: comply with local and international environmental regulations and standards, and obtain relevant certifications, such as ISO 14001 environmental management system certification molded packaging definition, to demonstrate the environmental commitment of the plant.


  1. Quality control system: Establish a sound quality control system to ensure that the production of molded fiber packaging materials meet the relevant quality standards to ensure product performance and reliability.


  1. Innovation and research and development ability: with the ability of continuous innovation and research and development, in order to promote the technological development of environmental protection pulp packaging materials, improve product performance and environmental protection.


  1. Social responsibility: caring for and fulfilling social responsibility, establishing partnerships with molded pulp packaging manufacturers and customers, and promoting environmental practices throughout the supply chain.


  1. Customer customization ability: to meet the customized needs of different customers, to provide a variety of environmental protection paper pulp packaging products.

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How to make molded pulp?


The production of moulded fiber board involves a range of processes and equipment, and the requirements and entry barriers will depend on the specific production scale and product requirements. Here are some general requirements and possible entry thresholds for making molded cardboard packaging:

Raw materials: The main raw materials are waste molded paper pulp or cardboard. Secure a reliable supply chain to ensure pulp quality and renewability.
  • Molds and equipment: Custom molded pulp packaging are needed to make specific shapes of fiberboard. Making these molds requires certain design and manufacturing skills. In addition, molding equipment is required, which includes mechanical equipment capable of applying heat and pressure.
  • Process technology: Understand the molding process technology, including moulded paper pulp formulation, mixing and fabrication process to ensure that the produced fiberboard meets the expected quality and performance standards.
  • Environmental and safety requirements: The production of moulded fiber board may involve some chemical treatment and energy consumption. Ensure that the production environment complies with relevant environmental and safety regulations.
  • Quality control: Establish a quality control system to ensure that the produced molded fiber pulp packaging meets the standards in terms of strength, density, shape and degradability.

    High Quality Molded Pulp Products


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