Adidas UB LIGHT Adopts All-Pulp Molded Packaging to Raise Environmental Awareness Among Consumers.

Adidas UB LIGHT Adopts All-Pulp Molded Packaging to Raise Environmental Awareness Among Consumers.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Boost technology, Adidas proudly unveiled the "lightest ever" Ultra Boost Light. This new iteration not only features upgraded shoe materials resulting in a 30% weight reduction for a lighter experience, but also boasts packaging made entirely from 100% pulp molded.



The gift box is crafted using a 100% plant fiber molding process, utilizing eco-friendly materials like bagasse and bamboo fiber. which continues Adidas' environmental protection concept. Moreover, the gift box's surface texture mirrors that of the BOOST, providing an intuitive and perfect representation of the foundation of the UB LIGHT.


Adidas' Dedication to ESG Goals
Adidas' early foray into ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) was marked by a global focus. In 1989, the World Conference on Saving the Ozone Layer took place. At that time, scientists had identified ozone depletion in various regions, primarily attributed to the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in industrial production and CFC-free refrigerators, a common product of the era. As a European company, Adidas adhered to the European Union's guidelines, ceasing the use of ozone-depleting materials in its product manufacturing. In response to corporate responsibility and international regulations, the company adapted its production and supply chain practices to prioritize non-hazardous chemicals and environmentally friendly materials.


Adidas' sustainability program takes a market-oriented approach, aiming to educate consumers about the process of sustainable action. By doing so, they hope to inspire individuals to make more eco-conscious choices and heighten their environmental awareness, influencing future consumption decisions.
Otarapack's Alignment with ESG Goals
Otarapack's mission is closely intertwined with ESG goals. Our vision extends beyond borders, striving to become a global catalyst for positive change within the packaging industry. We aspire to inspire and educate others about the advantages of sustainable packaging practices, motivating businesses worldwide to embrace eco-friendly alternatives.


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