2023 Top OtaraPack Sustainable Packaging

2023 Top OtaraPack Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging refers to the development and use of packaging that improves sustainability. It is a green packaging solution that lasts the entire process. Sustainable paper packaging is an effective attempt to reduce resources and promote resource recycling, which has a guiding role in the future of the packaging industry. 

The development trend of sustainable packaging design in 2023 is also developing towards a balance of creativity and environmental protection, which is reflected in:



2023 Sustainable Packaging of OtaraPack

OtaraPack has always been committed to innovation, with excellent designs to promote environmentally friendly packaging to go further. OtaraPack's innovation design in sustainable packaging design is mainly reflected in the unique box structure, beautiful pattern design, cutting-edge manufacturing materials.


Overview of Sustainable Paper Packaging Designs

Sustainable packaging primarily involves using recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable materials in the production of paper packaging products. Based on these materials, various types of packaging can be transformed into sustainable packaging. Molded pulp is one of the emerging products and one of the most potential products. Thanks to its ingredients and the way it is made, its degradability is unmatched.


OtaraPack Molded Pulp Designs Features

  1. Molded Pulp Fiberunique graphic design to showcase customers' brand logo in a surprising way.
  2. Special Molded Pulp Packagingshape or structural design can make the product stand out on the shelf, and can also improve the product's ease of use and portability.
  3. Molded Pulp Clamshell Packagingdesign is strongly related to brand image. Use packaging to convey your company's message to buyers.
  4. Using unique or innovative Molded Pulp Containerspackaging materials can make your product stand out in the market.
  • Sustainable Empty Custom Molded Pulp

Ways to make molded pulp fashionable: simple black and white color matching, interesting notch shape design, and beautiful text layout to convey brand information

  • Cosmetic Paper Molded Pulp Packaging

How to make a simple molded pulp egg cartons structure attractive: The ordinary opening and closing structure coupled with the rare rope closure method makes customers smile knowingly at this ingenuity.

  • innovative sustainable packaging

A variety of special-shaped paper sustainable molded pulp can be customized to attract attention while improving brand identity.

  • Heart-shaped Wet Press Molded Pulp Box

High quality molded pulp manufacturers manufacturing process, embossed on the box surface. The box body color is pink, with a charming impact. The structure of the box is stable, which can perfectly protect the product.


Sustainable Packaging Design - The Versafill


What is Versafill?

Versafill, Inspired by nature, a world-first innovation of honeycomb flexible paper pad, infused with geometric grace, the design seamlessly blends material science with the elegance of mechanics and structure.  It bends the rules of traditional packaging, honoring the form of the product. Regardless of the product's form, Versafill can flexibly match it. As soon as the product is inserted, it will tightly secure it according to its shape. Meantime Versafill uses 100% eco-friendly paper, pioneering a green revolution in packaging and delivery.

Its advantages are:

We can customize versafillin different colors, sizes and shapes according to different requirements.


Biodegradable Fabric Bag


Sustainable fabric is made from plant-based textiles. Examples of sustainable fabrics used for reusable shopping bags include cotton, jute, and even bamboo. Sustainable fabrics bag packaging can typically be recycled when they have fulfilled their usefulness, but the natural fibers are also biodegradable.

Recycled fabric, like woven polypropylene, non-woven polypropylene, and RPET are made from recycled plastic. These fabrics give new use to existing materials and they can be recycled when they have fulfilled their usefulness.


When you choose OtaraPack's Molded Pulp products, you're not just opting for sustainability and environmental responsibility – you're investing in the future. Let's collaborate in building a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. Click to visit our website www.otarapack.com for more information on our innovative packaging solutions and join us in leading the way towards sustainable development. Take action now and contribute to a better Earth!

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