How to make molded pulp packaging?

How to make molded pulp packaging?

What is the raw materials of molded pulp?

The raw materials used to Molded Packaging Pulp are usually recycled cardboard and/or newspaper. The paper is processed, broken into fibers, and mixed with water to make pulp. This pulp is then used to make products of various shapes by soaking the pulp in a mold and processing and curing it during the manufacturing process. As recycled cardboard and newspaper are renewable materials, using them as raw materials for Molded Pulp Packaging helps to reduce the consumption of natural resources while promoting environmental sustainability.


Otarapack Molded Pulp Making Process

First Step: Molding

The moulds for making molded cardboard pulp products are made according to the design and requirements of the products. Pulp is injected into the mold so that it fills the entire mold, ensuring the shape and size of the product.

Custom molds can be designed and manufactured according to the shape, size and design of the product. This means that products of all shapes and sizes can be manufactured, from simple boxes to complex structures, all with custom molds. Custom molds provide customers with flexibility and personalized options, enabling them to produce Molded Pulp Products that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Second Step: Processing and curing

After filling the paper pulp molding, the pulp is processed and cured. This may include compressing the pulp to remove excess water and ensuring the density and strength of the product. Some manufacturing processes may involve drying the molded paper pulp at high temperatures to cure the formed product.

Demoulding and dressing: Paper pulp packaging are usually demoulded in a mold and are trimmed and retouched. This may include removing edges or irregular parts so that the product has a smooth and neat surface.

Third Step: Demoulding and trimming

The moulded paper pulp is usually released in a mold and is trimmed and retouched. This may include removing edges or irregular parts so that the product has a smooth and neat surface.

The entire demoulding and finishing process is designed to ensure that the final product has a consistent appearance and quality and meets the customer's requirements and standards. With careful treatment and finishing, molded fibre packaging can present a high quality, clean and professional appearance, increasing their competitiveness and appeal in the market

High Quality Molded Fiber Pulp Packaging

The higher requirements for Molded Pulp production may be electronic product packaging. This is because electronic products often have complex shapes and structures that require highly customized packaging solutions to ensure their safe transportation and protection. There is also cosmetic packaging, which also has certain requirements for Molded Paper production, especially for high-end cosmetics brands or brands that pursue environmental sustainability.

Specific production requirements are as follows:

  • Precise shape and size: Electronic products often have specific shapes and sizes, and molded pulp packaging needs to be able to accurately match those shapes and sizes to ensure product solidity and safety.
  • Excellent cushioning performance: The product is highly sensitive to vibration and shock, so plastic molded packaging needs to have good cushioning performance to effectively absorb and mitigate the impact of external shocks on the product.
  • High quality surface quality: Electronic products usually require a beautiful looking packaging, so molded paper pulp packaging products need to have a smooth, clean appearance of fine surface quality to ensure the appearance of the product and brand image.
  • Environmental and sustainable: Molded pulp packaging manufacturers and consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and sustainable, so molded cardboard packaging need to be environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused.
  • Customization and personalization: The cosmetics market is highly competitive, and brands need to highlight their own characteristics and brand image through packaging. Therefore, custom molded pulp packaging need to have the characteristics of customization and personalization, and can be designed and produced according to the needs and requirements of customers.


By adopting molded packaging definition solutions, you can provide quality packaging for your products while demonstrating your commitment to environmental sustainability. With Molded Pulp's innovation and malleability, you can customize stunning packaging designs and share your eco-friendly philosophy with consumers. Get started now! Get in touch with us to find out how you can incorporate pulp packaging manufacturers into your product packaging to earn more recognition and support for your brand while making a positive contribution to the planet and future generations.

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