How to make cardboard corner protectors?

How to make cardboard corner protectors?


What is Cardboard Corner Protectors?

Refers to cardboard corner protectors, commonly used during packaging and shipping to protect the edge corners of items from damage or squeezing. These protectors are usually made of cardboard and can be slipped over the corners of items to provide additional support and cushioning and prevent damage caused by scratching, bumping or squeezing during handling or transportation. This is especially useful when transporting items that are fragile or require a high level of appearance.


Compare with other materials



Applicable scenarios and features


 provides basic support and cushioning; Suitable for lightweight items and disposable packaging

Disposable molded packaging; Items with low weight requirements


Provides good cushioning effect; Lightweight and flexible

Protection of fragile items; Extra protection for light items


Clear plastic provides good protection, reusable

Items with high appearance requirements; Where durability and reuse are required


provides strength and durability; Usually used in special environments

The need to combat extreme environments; Items requiring special strength

Plastic Foam

Lightweight, soft and cushioned

Effective on light and medium weight items. Protection of light and medium weight items; Provides a soft cushioning effect



Advantages of Cardboard Corner Cabinet Protectors:

Lightweight: Cardboard is a relatively lightweight material, which makes it suitable for situations where there is a limit on the overall package weight. Especially for light items, cardboard corner edge protectors can provide the necessary support without adding too much weight.

Eco-friendly: Cardboard is a recyclable and biodegradable material, so for those consumers and businesses concerned about the environment, choosing a cabinet door protector may be more sustainable.

Cost effectiveness: Cardboard is usually relatively inexpensive, which makes countertop corner protectors more competitive in terms of cost. Especially for single-use packaging and short-term use cases, cardboard can be an affordable option. 

Strong customization: Cardboard is easy to cut and customize into different shapes and sizes to meet the packaging needs of various items. This flexibility makes cabinet corner guards suitable for items of all shapes and sizes.

Good cushioning: Although the cushioning effect of cardboard may be relatively basic compared to some other materials, in many cases it is sufficient to provide appropriate protection, especially for less fragile items.


Molded Pulp Corner Protectors

Molded pulp has several key characteristics that make it ideal for corner guards:

Cushioning properties: Molded fiber packgaing provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning properties, allowing it to effectively protect corners and edges during transportation or handling. Its fiber structure absorbs impact and reduces the risk of damage.

Customizable shapes: Molded packaging pulp can be easily customized to form specific shapes, including corner guards for a variety of products. This flexibility ensures a tight and firm fit and enhances the protection of the corner protector.

Eco-friendly materials: Molded pulp, made from recycled cardboard and/or newsprint, is an eco-friendly choice. The choice of moulded pulp as corner fender is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals as it is biodegradable and easy to recycle.

Cost effective: Pulp molding manufacturing is often cost effective, making it a practical choice for protective packaging solutions. This is particularly beneficial for applications such as corner protectors where the balance between cost and functionality is critical.

Lightweight and durable: Molded pulp is lightweight, reducing the overall weight of the package. Despite its light weight, it is still durable and flexible, providing effective protection without adding excessive volume to the package.

Adaptability: Pulp molding can be adapted to various product sizes and shapes. This adaptability is crucial for corner protectors for cabinests, which need to conform to the specific dimensions and contours of the items being protected.

Biodegradable: Corner guards made from molded pulp are biodegradable, helping to reduce environmental impact. This is in line with the growing preference for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

There is no doubt that molded pulp has become the ideal material for wall corner protectors in the market. Let's look at quality products


Others Moulded Paper Pulp

In addition to doing corner guard, molded paper pulp's superior performance also gives it unlimited possibilities.

Electronic packaging: Molded pulp products is used to make protective packaging for electronic devices. The shock-absorbing properties of the material help protect delicate electronic components during transportation.

Medical packaging: Molded paper pulp products is suitable for medical packaging to provide a sterile and protected environment for medical devices and equipment.

Consumer electronics Packaging: The "in-mold cure" technology used in some Molded packaging processes produces high-quality, well-defined surfaces that make them suitable for premium packaging of consumer electronics.

Cosmetic packaging: Molded pulp packaging can be used to manufacture cosmetic packaging, providing a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional plastic packaging.


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