Green Revolution in Molded Pulp: New Eco-Friendly Projector Molded Pulp Unveiled

Green Revolution in Molded Pulp: New Eco-Friendly Projector Molded Pulp Unveiled


Today, let's take a look at an environmentally friendly innovative molded pulp. In the ever-changing world of consumer electronics, where innovation meets sustainability, BenQ Corporation has introduced a groundbreaking product – the BenQ Projector Molded Pulp Packaging. This eco-friendly packaging solution exemplifies BenQ's dedication to environmental responsibility without compromising on design excellence.

Receiving the iF Gold Award in 2019 further solidified the projector molded pulp's acclaim in the design world. This award not only honors excellence but signifies the potential of eco-friendly paper molded pulp to rival traditional packaging, offering superior environmental advantages.


Environmental Consciousness in Paper Molded Pulp

In an era dominated by the convenience of e-commerce, the surge in packaging waste has cast a looming shadow over environmental sustainability. The exponential growth in online shopping has resulted in an unprecedented volume of packaging materials, significantly contributing to ecological strain. Recent studies reveal alarming figures, with the global packaging industry generating over 120 million tons of waste annually, a substantial portion ending up in landfills or polluting our oceans. This is why promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable molded pulp is so important.

BenQ's commitment to environmental consciousness in paper molded pulp packaging is a response to the collective responsibility we share as stewards of our planet. Sustainable packaging solutions are no longer a choice but an imperative. Statistics indicate that over 90% of consumers prefer eco-friendly packaging, with nearly 70% willing to pay a premium for products with sustainable packaging.


Features of New Projector Molded Pulp Paper Packaging

  • Green Cushioning

 Our innovative eco-friendly cushioning provides superior protection for the enclosed device.

  • Concealed Handle

The streamlined design with a concealed handle optimizes storage and transportation space.

  • Simplified Unpacking

Enhancing user experience, our one-step unpacking process saves time and reduces complexity.

  • Non-Composite Materials

Eco-friendly, non-composite molded pulp materials are easily recyclable.

  • Waterproof Integration

Inclusion of waterproof components safeguards against moisture deformations.

  • No Glue Construction

Our sustainable design eliminates the need for glue, reducing environmental impact.



Other Molded Pulp Products Introduction

In addition to the groundbreaking Projector Molded Pulp Paper Packaging, molded pulp technology finds versatile applications across various industries. This sustainable and eco-friendly material is revolutionizing the landscape of packaging solutions.


Otarapack and Molded Pulp...

At Otarapack, we are redefining the molded pulp packaging industry with a clear vision and mission. Our focus goes beyond conventional practices, aiming to deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique needs while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Vision and Mission: Our vision is to redefine packaging standards through innovation and eco-consciousness, while our mission is to lead the way in sustainable packaging solutions.

Specializing in paper molded pulp, Otarapack provides biodegradable, compostable, and recycled options, ensuring a reduced environmental impact with top-notch quality and functionality.

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